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Personalised kids puzzle : create a unique gift for children

It's often difficult to find an original gift, whether for a baby or a child. Once you've given away all the classic games - trains, wooden objects of all kinds, various card games, memory games - it's often hard to find ideas for original, high-quality gifts at attractive prices. Have you thought about giving a personalised jigsaw puzzle? La Puzzlerie offers you the chance to create personalised puzzles online for children of all ages. We offer three high-quality wooden puzzles that will delight your children for all occasions.

Choose an original toy for all ages: a jigsaw puzzle

Give an original, personalised gift to the children in your family by choosing a personalised wooden jigsaw puzzle. Personalised puzzles can be given for any occasion: Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion. It's an original, high-quality gift idea at an attractive price. Personalised jigsaw puzzles are ideal for spending quality time with your family at Christmas or during a family weekend, for example. You'll be able to play at solving the puzzle with your children and spend some unique moments together.

Choose the number of puzzle pieces according to the age of the child you want to give it to. For example, a 12-piece jigsaw puzzle would be ideal for a child aged 3 or over, or even for a big baby aged 1? to 2. The 30- and 96-piece wooden puzzles are perfect for slightly older children. And for the over-10s and teenagers, you can opt for our range of cardboard puzzles with just a few pieces. Many cardboard puzzles are available for personalisation: 110, 120 or 192 pieces for the simplest. And for those more used to jigsaw puzzles, the 500 and 1000 pieces will delight you!

All these products are offered to you at an attractive price and supplied not in a classic puzzle box, but in a doypack type bag, with a cardboard box on which your personalisation is printed. With La Puzzlerie, you benefit from fast delivery of your order, and above all free delivery for orders over €60 on our site. So don't hesitate any longer and choose the product with the right number of pieces for your needs, whether it's for a gift idea or to treat yourself.

Start creating a child's jigsaw puzzle online

Start customising a unique personalised jigsaw puzzle online. Whatever the number of pieces, you can create a personalised jigsaw puzzle for your toddler with his favourite photo, images that make him happy, a drawing by your little artist or simply his first name. Everything is possible in terms of personalisation, there are no colour limits and you can place your order for a single piece. So create your first personalised jigsaw quickly and wait to receive your personalised work of art. Whether you choose to personalise the puzzle with photos, a drawing, letters or anything else, it will be a personalised gift that your child is sure to love.