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Custom puzzles, unique gifts for the whole family

Jigsaw puzzles have come back into fashion in recent years, especially since containment. This fun, educational game can be played with the whole family, and is great fun for adults and children alike. But have you thought about creating a personalised jigsaw puzzle to give a unique gift to a child or adult in your family? A jigsaw puzzle can be an incredible gift idea, especially when personalised with photos of family moments, your wedding photo, a sweet message or any image you like. Whatever the theme of your creation, you're bound to create a work of art that will delight those around you. No more Ravensburger Disney puzzles that everyone has! Create personalised puzzles for all kinds of occasions: birthday parties, weddings, Christmas, etc. and please your friends and family.

Give the gift of an original, personalised game

The jigsaw puzzle is a game we all know. In fact, we've all done a jigsaw puzzle when we were children. But as we get older, it's less common to do jigsaw puzzles. Everyone can enjoy this pastime, just as much as reading a good book or playing a games console. That's why La Puzzlerie has put together a range of personalised puzzles in cardboard or wood, with different numbers of pieces so that everyone can enjoy this essential game, whatever their age. Choose the format and number of pieces of the puzzle you want to personalise. You can choose between a quality wooden puzzle with just a few pieces, or a quality cardboard puzzle with a choice of 110, 120, 192, 500 or 1000 pieces.

All our products are personalised in France, in our workshop in Lyon. And we've chosen to deliver the jigsaw puzzle not in a traditional cardboard box, but in an original recycled plastic bag that's much more practical than the traditional cardboard box. We also include cards in each puzzle with your design printed on them. So quickly choose the size of puzzle you want to personalise and the number of pieces, depending on the age of the person who's going to solve it.

Create a personalised jigsaw puzzle directly online

Print your best moments and memories on a personalised jigsaw puzzle! With La Puzzlerie, it's quick and easy because you can create your work of art directly online. Add a picture of an animal, photos of happy moments and memories or a message for someone you love. There's no limit to the colours you can print, so go ahead and personalise your puzzles with a wide range of themes.

Finally, with La Puzzlerie, you'll enjoy fast, free delivery on orders over £60. Enjoy 100% secure payment by credit card and attractive prices on our customisable puzzles. For a birthday, wedding, Christmas or any other special occasion, give the gift of a unique personalised jigsaw puzzle. The opinions of your friends and family will be nothing but positive.