About La Puzzlerie

Puzzles that fit you

No more dusty old puzzles from the attic! Sorry grandma, we will still invite you to our puzzle parties :)

Original, colorful and ethical puzzles, what do you think? Then discover the new generation puzzle! La Puzzlerie has created for you custom-made puzzles that look like you. A photo with your best friend, a souvenir of your vacations or your latest masterpiece. We are able to realize all your desires. Our team has for ambition to propose you products which create bond and which make you spend warm and convivial moments with your close relations.

We immortalize for you your memories thanks to the personalized puzzle. And what a pleasure it is to recreate this memory with the person or persons with whom you lived it !

At La Puzzlerie, we think of everyone since our puzzles range from 12 pieces to 1000 pieces. For our youngest, the 12, 30 and 92 piece puzzles are made of wood. And as our toddlers are not the most careful, we thought it was essential to offer you resistant pieces that will last. For the older kids, our puzzles are made of cardboard and have no trace of plastic! Whether you are an amateur or a puzzle fan, we are sure you will find what you are looking for in our selection.

La Puzzlerie's team is able to produce customized puzzles by the unit or in large quantities in a very short time. You will receive your puzzle in a recyclable plastic package. And the ink used for the personalization is certified solvent-free. In short, a puzzle in the air of time, ethical and personalized thanks to our French know-how.

personalised puzzle
puzzle personalisation

Enhance your memories

So, we're talking about puzzle customization, but how exactly does it work ? In the interest of transparency (and so that you don't feel so stupid), we tell you about our marking technique : sublimation. Here is how it works. When we receive your photo or visual, we print it on a transfer paper thanks to a printer equipped with a special ink. Then, we place this paper on your puzzle and thanks to a heat press, we transfer the ink on the support. Under the effect of heat, the ink gasifies and directly penetrates the cells of the support. Thus, the sublimation allows to penetrate the structure of the cardboard, which does not create any over-thickness and ensures an optimal holding of your visual.

And hop ! A hot puzzle out of the oven and ready to be used :)

Creative puzzles

Our primary objective? To dust off the old-fashioned image of the puzzle. That's why we've created a range of designer puzzles just for you. These colorful puzzles are available in a variety of formats and numbers of pieces. Our designer puzzles will make your puzzle evenings memorable. And you'll be able to proudly display your puzzle at home once it's finished, because they're so stylish and designer.

We aim to integrate our puzzles into a pop, colorful universe that will delight most of you, so head over to the page dedicated to designer puzzles to find what you're looking for!

puzzle design